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25 Apr 2023

New Construction Starts Down Spell OPPORTUNITY

Hope all is well and trust you had a nice weekend! I'm writing you from the hospital - not the usual locale - as we wait for little Lidia Grace to arrive. We've been very appreciative of the many prayers and thoughts. Thank you so much! Healthwise both mommy and ...Read More
18 Apr 2023

Asking Rents Are 6-12 Months Ahead of Inflation

Welcome back and happy Tuesday. If you didn't know - today is also tax day! Such fun. We are fortunate enough to get the last of our K-1s out the door this morning. Tax season never seems to be an easy one. 2022 was the last year of 100% bonus ...Read More
28 Sep 2022

Interest Rate Hikes, Site Visits, and Deals

Esplanade Apartments, Orlando, FL THE RECENT RATE HIKE I'm sure you've seen the latest Fed hike. Nothing new there. And expect the Fed to overshoot their goal as they move forward. This is in part due to the fact that they use lagging indicators to make policy decisions about the future. Big picture, though, ...Read More
20 Sep 2022

Why We Won’t See A Housing Crash This Time

Park Thirty99, Lexington, KY Welcome back and hope you had a great weekend.  My update below is a little longer than usual, but I felt there were some key data points that are relevant to our current investment decisions.  Also including some quick links below for current deals we're working ...Read More
13 Sep 2022

The Ultimate Risk Hedge: The Right People

Cottonwood Dallas, Dallas, TX Well, this is always a sobering time of year for me. I'll never forget standing on top of one of the buildings I managed in the NYC area and seeing the twin towers burning. It was a very sad day. I thought about all the good people who ...Read More
07 Sep 2022

15-20% Market Discount with Rent Growth Hedge

rent growth
City Park Apartments, Atlanta, GA I trust you had a great Labor Day weekend!  Hard to believe summer is "over." I guess that means we all have to go back to work! Speaking of work, I don't think I've ever had a more challenging hiring environment in my career. So many folks ...Read More
30 Aug 2022

Inflation a Battle of Perception

Brighton Place, North Augusta, SC Welcome back and I hope your week is off to a good start. I spent the weekend fighting off the perennial head cold (do those still exist?!). It gave me plenty of time to ponder the Fed Chairman's comments about fighting inflation.  Wall Street also ...Read More
23 Aug 2022

Monthly Cash Returns: 10-12% Distributions

Fairfield Lakes, Beavercreek, OH I just completed a great site visit trip up in the Midwest and thought you might like to see what we've been up to. I put together a couple short videos on two of my favorites that are both kicking out 10-12% monthly cash returns! Crazy good. In ...Read More
16 Aug 2022

$7.3 MM Annualized Distributions

Millennium Dallas, Dallas, TX I've got a couple days in the office and then I'm off to visit our Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus properties. It's been a little while so I'm excited to get back on the ground in Ohio. Phil Meyer, our VP Asset Management and BJ Haydon, Regional Manager will ...Read More
09 Aug 2022

The Upside: A Window of Opportunity in a Recession

Bayou Oaks, Sarasota, FL Hope you are having a good week thus far. Hard to believe the kiddos are heading back to school over the next few weeks.  Summer seems to be just getting started down here in Florida!  I don't know about you but we love this time of ...Read More