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New to Multifamily Investing?

New to Multifamily Investing?

Interest Rate Hikes, Site Visits, and Deals

The Fed’s rate hikes are going to effect everyone in one way or another, in terms of business or home owner.

Why We Won’t See A Housing Crash This Time

We’re going to see some significant rate hikes to keep inflation on the right track. how does this affect the housing market?

The Ultimate Risk Hedge: The Right People

The ultimate risk hedge is having the right people in place. But investing in cash flowing assets hedges against inflation, as well.

15-20% Market Discount with Rent Growth Hedge

We are seeing growth in many areas of the real estate arena: rent growth, inflation growth, and job growth.

Inflation a Battle of Perception

What do the experts think about inflation? Interestingly enough, about half of this inflation rhetoric is a battle of perceptions!

Monthly Cash Returns: 10-12% Distributions

Who’s interested in monthly cash returns? In multifamily, when you have an experienced, diligent, conservative sponsor- it’s possible.

$7.3 MM Annualized Distributions

$7.3 MM in annualized distributions is what happens when several teams work hard for stabilized, cash flowing properties.

The Upside: A Window of Opportunity in a Recession

“We’re in a recession.  The Fed’s rate increases have effectively slowed down the economy, slowed down inflation, and popped the asset valuation bubble that had started to build in stocks and real estate” but “There’s a 6-12 month window of opportunity for those who have the skill and fortitude to step forward and make things happen.”

The War for Talent is ON

It is a challenging hiring environment, but even though some of the big guys have lots of resources, you can still compete with persistence, creativity, and intentionality.

Why Not to Time the Market

Some people time the market, but we prefer to price each deal as best as possible given the current market conditions and keep our focus on long-term cashflow.

Fireworks Economic Indicators for 1H2022

What are the economic indicators of where we are headed? Ultimately, multifamily is still driven by jobs, and we are adding to that number.

Playing Defense to Win in Multifamily

We play both offense and defense when it comes to the market and multifamily. Calculated risk and preparing for the unseen.