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New to Multifamily Investing?

New to Multifamily Investing?

Challenging Situation?  Face Everything And Rise

Happy Tuesday and welcome back! I hope you had a great weekend. I’ve got a lot of economic/industry data to share but am going to defer that until next week. Today I wanted to share something that I think is relevant to today’s economic situation… I know many of you are invested in multiple deals […]

Why We’re Building Now…Massive Rent Growth in 2025

Welcome back! Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! Feels like Monday, right? Short weeks like this are always interesting – trying to cram 5 days into 4. Last week we dodged Idalia on its way up the west coast of Florida as it strengthened into a strong Cat 3 hurricane. None of our […]

The Affordability Trap

Welcome back to another week! I was doing some anecdotal research over the weekend and was surprised to see the continued strong pricing in the single-family market. It’s certainly moderated a little but nowhere near falling off a cliff. As many have noted – most folks are kind of “stuck” in their homes because they […]

Why Rent Relief Isn’t Working

Happy Tuesday! Mid August is here and with it is a massive heat wave. I couldn’t believe the other day when I looked at my weather app and it was 105 in Dallas! That’s crazy. My theory is that global warming is a Northerner conspiracy since everyone is moving to the Sun Belt and this […]

Happy Independence Day!

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government strong enough to take everything you have.”– Thomas Jefferson Hey, happy Independence Day! Hope you have a memorable day planned. July 4 is one of my favorite holidays to re-review history and remember the truly unusual set of minds and circumstances that […]

Onsite Focus – Midwest Portfolio

Happy Tuesday! It’s the last week of the first half of 2023. Are you glad it’s over? Did you make the most of it? Interesting to think how quickly time passes once you’re looking at it in the rearview mirror. I won’t have the June financials for a couple more weeks, but based on our […]

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees

For all you dads out there, happy belated Fathers Day. I hope you had a great weekend! In the spirit of corny dad jokes, I had to post the one above. I thought it was pretty clever – especially since a money tree would come in handy about now. Yesterday was also a recently enacted […]

NAA Apartmentalize Was Awesome

Happy Tuesday and welcome back! I trust you had a great weekend doing something rejuvenating! I don’t say relaxing because sometimes working my tail off in the yard can be very relaxing and rejuvenating all at the same time. I was feeling very thankful last Friday after getting home from a busy week in Atlanta […]


Hope you had a great weekend and welcome back! Lots in store for today but the big event around here is the groundbreaking for our St Pete Portfolio development happening this morning! Always a fun day. I’m incredibly honored and blessed to be building 220 units of Class-A space in this amazing market. The continued […]

The End Of The Rainbow

Hope you had a good weekend! I don’t know about you but feels like Monday today! It was the first official day of “summer” for many folks this past weekend. We had a bunch of community pool parties (got some pics below) to kick things off! Overall last week was a really productive week for […]

Operational Expense Win – Better Control, 40% Savings

Welcome back and happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a good start. We have our leadership meetings on Monday afternoon and I usually walk away motivated and encouraged. Since we’re all remote, seeing everyone and getting caught up and prepped for the week ahead is a great way to start the week. […]

Economic Outlook Taking Center Stage

Well folks, it appears that we’re not going to get out of this economic mess without more damage. As I look back over the past four years it’s frustrating to think of all the missteps and ill-advised actions that have led us to this point. Amazing how we continue to repeat the past – over […]