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New to Multifamily Investing?

New to Multifamily Investing?

Rent Growth Stabilizing, Value Investing Back in Vogue

Is rent growth stabilizing? Is value investing back in vogue? What’s happening in the global and local economy? How will REM handle it?

At What Interest Rate Would Multifamily Die?

At what interest rate would multifamily die? Just because interest rates go up doesn’t mean we’re out of business.

Twitter, Multifamily and Responsibility

Well, we may not be able to change the world alone or even as a company, but we can, and should, live our lives in a way that our sphere of influence is affected by our personal responsibility.

A Soft Landing: Containing Inflation without Causing a Recession

How do we achieve a soft landing in this economy? Meaning, how do we contain inflation without causing a recession?

What’s Next for Interest Rates?

What is next for interest rates in the United States? We’ll discuss interest rate history and its interaction with the current market.

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls: And How Multifamily Assets Hedge Against Inflation

What makes multifamily such a great hedge against inflation in times like these? Why do we prefer a simple waterfall structure?

Midwest Portfolio-CLOSED

The Midwest Portfolio is closed. Thanks to all who rose to the challenge and brought this massive portfolio across the finish line!

What Do Rising Interest Rates Really Mean for Multifamily?

What do rising interest rates really mean for multifamily? The nuanced answer to this question concerns interest rates and cap rates.

5 Benefits of Investing in Your First Multifamily Property

Are you looking to invest in real estate? Here are the five main benefits of investing in multifamily properties!

Economic Uncertainty

We take a conservative approach when it comes to multifamily real estate investing. When it comes to economic uncertainty, we’re prepared!

Welcome to Our Blog!

Here we are! And a warm welcome from all of us at REM Capital. Through this blog, we invite you to this growing community.

The Character of REM Capital, Servant Leadership

Character and competence, you need both. REM’s character strives for servant leadership. Everyone is a leader here.