In-House Growth in the Multifamily Space

Apr 2021
multifamily real estate

Onboarding the newest members of our growing team!

A vision with a plan is the key to making progress in multifamily real estate. That’s how we treat our plan for REM Capital and for our deals!

I love seeing internal progress, and last week, we onboarded some new folks! We are excited to continue our growth.  Multifamily real estate is a great place to be right now.  With the challenges we’ve faced from the pandemic, it’s going to be increasingly important for investors to partner with true operators – people who are experienced at the actual nuts and bolts of running a successful apartment complex.

I’m thankful for the team that makes it happen for us!  Our front office staff really focuses on the importance of pre-qualifying our residents while our back office staff ensures our residents “feel the love.” It’s a tough job keeping everyone happy but they do a great job balancing it all.

We’ve got several CAPEX projects in motion as we continue to push rents around the country.  The overall economy is slowly recovering. While there is certainly a long way to go before we’re at full recovery, we are seeing occupancy remain high.

I’m currently working on several deals and hope to have a new opportunity for you soon.  It’s important as always to remain conservative in our underwriting, but it’s all about finding that “needle in the haystack.”

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