Inflation a Battle of Perception

Aug 2022

Brighton Place, North Augusta, SC

Welcome back and I hope your week is off to a good start. I spent the weekend fighting off the perennial head cold (do those still exist?!). It gave me plenty of time to ponder the Fed Chairman’s comments about fighting inflation.  Wall Street also pondered Fed Chairman’s comments and decided to sell. Interestingly enough, about half of this inflation rhetoric is a battle of perceptions! I still maintain that the biggest concern among all of this is whether the government can rein in spending. Government spending directly contributes to inflation. I’m still hopeful of tightening ends before year end, but between now and then, the economic reports will give us the best indication of where we’re headed.

On the deal front – we’ve got a new deal under contract! If you missed our latest live webinar, click here for all the details on City Park. It’s a beautiful property with some really solid upside in one of the strongest job markets in the country – Atlanta, GA. We like to be data driven and we also know that multifamily is driven by jobs.

And last but not least – I put together a video update from a recent visit to our San Antonio development deal.  It’s a little longer than usual – almost 6 minutes – but has some great content that I think you’ll appreciate.