Month: March 2022

29 Mar 2022

Midwest Portfolio-CLOSED

Here's to the Midwest! We're celebrating the end of Q1 2022 with a bang!  Last Friday we closed our Midwest Portfolio and today (Tuesday) we'll close our Jacksonville Portfolio.  We're still going after the cash flow! TEAM EFFORTS PAY OFF Very proud of our team for getting the Midwest "beast" ...Read More
23 Mar 2022

What Do Rising Interest Rates Really Mean for Multifamily?

Audubon Crest, Oakwood, GA With the five closings happening in the Midwest, plus our two in Jacksonville, we're down to sheer determination and grit to push these deals across the finish line.  I enjoy the challenge, but it is certainly taxing.  The team is learning a lot along the way. ...Read More
22 Mar 2022

5 Benefits of Investing in Your First Multifamily Property

investing in multifamily properties
Enclave at Oakhurst, Charlotte, NC Create steady cash flow with multiple streams of revenue. Implement a plan for building generational wealth and a family legacy. Enjoy tax benefits. Invest hard-earned money into a recession resilient and inflation protected asset. Diversify your portfolio. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Fortunately, when ...Read More
15 Mar 2022

Economic Uncertainty

multifamily real estate investing
Directional sign in the middle of nowhere. We always take a conservative approach when it comes to investing in multifamily real estate. It’s times of economic uncertainty like these that really highlight how important preparation can be. While we can’t prepare for everything, we can be watchful of the world ...Read More