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17 May 2022

The Twelve Billion Dollar Inflation Fight

Atlanta, GA "We don't have to be smarter than the rest.We have to be more disciplined than the rest." -warren buffet Happy Tuesday and welcome back to another exciting week in the stock market!  I'm not your financial advisor, but yowsers...what a ride!  As a one-time Wall Street guy myself, I ...Read More
10 May 2022

Rent Growth Stabilizing, Value Investing Back in Vogue

Due Diligence, Atlanta, GA Happy Tuesday!  Hope you had a nice Mother's Day Weekend.  I tried to get some honey-dos knocked off the list while managing the kids as much as possible so my wife could get some time to do a few things stress free.  In general I'm a ...Read More
04 May 2022

At What Interest Rate Would Multifamily Die?

Due Diligence Tour, Atlanta, Georgia Happy Wednesday!  I trust your week is going well so far.  I'm writing this while catching a flight back from Atlanta to Sarasota after a couple productive days on the road.  Monday was the 6th annual IMN middle-market multifamily forum and Tuesday was our due ...Read More
26 Apr 2022

Twitter, Multifamily and Responsibility

Heirlooms of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH Happy Tuesday!  Even though I have some really interesting economic data to share, I promised I would give the economic analysis a break so I'll hold that for next week.  For now, let's talk about Twitter.  Don't worry, there's a connection.  But before we get ...Read More
19 Apr 2022

A Soft Landing: Containing Inflation without Causing a Recession

Inflation recession
Ground up Development Coming Soon to Lake Vista, San Antonio, TX Hey, it's Tuesday and you survived tax day 2022!  Or maybe you were like me and you had to kick the can down the road to October?  Either way it's always an annoying time of the year, in my ...Read More
12 Apr 2022

What’s Next for Interest Rates?

Westbury Reserve, Houston, TX Good morning and welcome back to another Tuesday. I trust your week is off to a good start. I like to start my week by focusing on things that I’m thankful for - so if you haven’t had a chance to tell someone around you how ...Read More
05 Apr 2022

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls: And How Multifamily Assets Hedge Against Inflation

Don't go chasing waterfalls. As promised, I took a 5 minute break after another busy week closing our Jacksonville, NC deals.  Very excited to get those deals under our belt.  We've officially crossed the $300AUM mark with over 3,400 units under management.  Feeling very blessed.  There were a couple things ...Read More
29 Mar 2022

Midwest Portfolio-CLOSED

Here's to the Midwest! We're celebrating the end of Q1 2022 with a bang!  Last Friday we closed our Midwest Portfolio and today (Tuesday) we'll close our Jacksonville Portfolio.  We're still going after the cash flow! TEAM EFFORTS PAY OFF Very proud of our team for getting the Midwest "beast" ...Read More
23 Mar 2022

What Do Rising Interest Rates Really Mean for Multifamily?

Audubon Crest, Oakwood, GA With the five closings happening in the Midwest, plus our two in Jacksonville, we're down to sheer determination and grit to push these deals across the finish line.  I enjoy the challenge, but it is certainly taxing.  The team is learning a lot along the way. ...Read More
15 Mar 2022

Economic Uncertainty

multifamily real estate investing
Directional sign in the middle of nowhere. We always take a conservative approach when it comes to investing in multifamily real estate. It’s times of economic uncertainty like these that really highlight how important preparation can be. While we can’t prepare for everything, we can be watchful of the world ...Read More