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06 Jul 2021

The End of an Unconstitutional Era

Our 4th of July Fireworks Show! Happy Tuesday evening!  I trust you had an enjoyable long Independence Day weekend.  We set off some pretty cool fireworks and succeeded in keeping all our fingers intact!  And at the moment here in Tampa we're settling in for a wind and rain beating ...Read More
28 Jun 2021

New Investment Opportunity and Market Update

The Views at Mt. Airy, Cincinnati, OH Welcome back - hope you had a great weekend!  We have another busy week planned here at REM.  Last week we were in Houston and Nashville.  This week Jacksonville and San Antonio.  Next week Charlotte and Cincinnati.  Busy times.  DEAL UPDATE I have ...Read More
22 Jun 2021

Imbalance of Supply and Demand Drives Opportunity in Direction of Multifamily

multifamily opportunity
Hope you had a great weekend and an enjoyable Father's Day.  Each year I become more appreciative of both Mother's and Father's Day as I realize the vital importance both Fathers and Mothers play in the very fabric and backbone of our society.  Politics, economics, business - just about everything ...Read More
16 Jun 2021

Investment Strategies and Risk Profile in the Multifamily Space

Midwest Portfolio, Stonebrook Apartments, Scottsburg, IN Running a day behind here this week. Yep, been one of those weeks already.  Trust things are going well for you.  While these are tough times if you're looking to acquire real estate and have an eye for the long term - I think ...Read More
08 Jun 2021

It’s Frothy Seas and Full Sail Ahead!

Full Sail Ahead! Happy Tuesday! Hope it's going well so far.  Not a short week unfortunately - but that's more time to get stuff done!  Come on, the economy needs you!  With nearly double the folks on unemployment (still) versus pre- COVID, the IRS needs some help!  CONSERVATIVE VS. FOMO ...Read More
01 Jun 2021

The Character of REM Capital, Servant Leadership

Remember and Honor, Memorial Day 2021 Happy Tuesday and welcome back!  I trust you had a relaxing and memorable Memorial Day weekend.   I took the family to our local Sarasota National Cemetery as part of our annual tradition to do something to commemorate and remember those who have served in ...Read More
25 May 2021

506(c) Verification Requirements

Millennium Dallas, Dallas, TX Hope you had a good weekend and are refreshed for another busy week ahead. Let’s dive into the latest from Freddie Mac as well as getting into the distinction between Rule 506 (c) Verification Requirements and 506 (b) Requirements for accreditation.  LENDER RESERVE REQUIREMENTS LOWERED Last ...Read More
17 May 2021

Should We Still Be in Multifamily?

Welcome to tax day 2021!   But I'm sure you already knew that. Like with everything else over the past year, even our tax deadline changed because of COVID. And by the way if you're paying too much in taxes, time to invest more in real estate!  Cost segregation and accelerated ...Read More
11 May 2021

What Exactly is Lipstick on a Pig?

value add vs lipstick on pig
A pig with lipstick is still a pig. I trust you had a nice Mother's Day weekend!  Not that we should need an excuse to spend some time with family, but it's a good excuse nonetheless.  I'm thankful and blessed to have a wonderful mom who is close enough to ...Read More
04 May 2021

An Effective Acquisition Market Comp

acquisition market
Doing some multifamily shopping I never knew until recently that Cinco de Mayo, despite its Mexican heritage, is celebrated much more widely in the States, surprisingly.  The festival always makes me chuckle because I grew up in Dallas, TX where we studied Texas history and learned about the bad guys ...Read More